Christina Sell at Shakti Yoga Shala


Click the picture to see the video.

We were recently fortunate enough to have Christina Sell visit us at the Shakti Yoga Shala in Boulder Creek.  Christina led us through a challenging technical practice, transmuting our fire into nectar.

Thanks for coming, Christina…and thanks to Kelly her lovely husband for making a little party favor video of us practicing.  Our kula continues to grow and thrive…and for that, I am thankful!!

Open to Grace – Peace and Carrots


Check out a new Yoga Journal blog about food and yoga by fellow Anusara yoga practitioner and friend – Samin Nosrat and her friend Aaron.  Samin is a dedicated yogini and incredible chef.  I have seen her studentship shine so brightly, and I have tasted her Tiramisu!

“With food as with yoga, it is about validating what is offered, and we accept that the offering will always be a little different each day. The rosy-cheeked peaches of early July bear little resemblance to the musky melons of late September and the verdant scent of dark kale in winter hides a different secret; it tells a different tale. But all are equally worthy of our attention. Serving the highest, for us, means saying yes to every unique offering, whether it’s to a fragrant and delicate raspberry, a stout and hearty butternut squash, or yet another Downward Facing Dog.”

Marni Sclaroff – Yoga Journal Cover Model


Meet Marni Sclaroff – former resident of Santa Cruz,  wonderful friend, and Anusara teacher.  She is one of the faces of Anusara, and is on newstands now!  The pose she is so beautifully opening to is a variation of “Wild Thing,” or Camatkarasana.  Kudos to you Marni, you are a real inspiration to us all!

To view a behind the scenes look at the making of the cover, you can click here:  Behind the scenes of Marni’s shoot!

From Tadasana to Savasana – by Darren Rhodes


The Making of Anusara

This is a great article by Darren Rhodes talking about his inspiration and experience creating the popular and extraordinary poster “From Tadasana to Savasana.”  I was studying with Darren in Arizona while he was making this poster, and believe me he was working hard!  We love you Darren.

Read the full article on Elephant Journal.