Check out a new Yoga Journal blog about food and yoga by fellow Anusara yoga practitioner and friend – Samin Nosrat and her friend Aaron.  Samin is a dedicated yogini and incredible chef.  I have seen her studentship shine so brightly, and I have tasted her Tiramisu!

“With food as with yoga, it is about validating what is offered, and we accept that the offering will always be a little different each day. The rosy-cheeked peaches of early July bear little resemblance to the musky melons of late September and the verdant scent of dark kale in winter hides a different secret; it tells a different tale. But all are equally worthy of our attention. Serving the highest, for us, means saying yes to every unique offering, whether it’s to a fragrant and delicate raspberry, a stout and hearty butternut squash, or yet another Downward Facing Dog.”