I do not usually do public yoga classes as I have a back injury which I generally find aggravated when I follow a practice in that kind of space, so I do my own practice at home but today I decided to do an online class with Alice Kennedy and it was marvelous. I know Alice as one of my teachers from my own teacher training and as a client to me. I chose her class as she has a warm and fun disposition and can be very funny sometimes, always good in my book, she is extremely knowledgeable, been a teacher for a loooong time, and is down to earth, honest and has the cutest smile. She cheered me up, and I loved the class and my back does not hurt at all. I was also not pushed by the energy of the room as I can be in public spaces, so I took good care of myself whilst following direction. I think I may do this a lot more. Thanks dear Alice. You should check her out.