Living Your Yoga – 5th Annual 30 Day Yoga Challenge

with Emily Williams & Alice Kennedy

January 1-30, 2020

“The very heart of yoga practice is abhyasa – steady effort in the direction you want to go”  

~ Sally Kempton

Yoga offers us each an opportunity to bolster ourselves from within, to fill ourselves up so that we are then able to live our lives from a place of fullness. Though the world around us is tumultuous and changing, the philosophy behind this ancient tradition of yoga teaches us that we can find deep peace, ease and connection within, regardless of the storms around us.  We hope that this 30 Day Yoga Challenge is a way to deepen your own understanding of the path of yoga, while absorbing the many benefits that a daily practice can offer to your heart, mind, body and spirit.

Dive Deeper Into the Heart of Yoga
The New Year is the perfect time to recommit to the things that make us feel good, healthy and connected.  Take time to nourish your yoga practice for 30 days with the support of a program designed to help you create and maintain a consistent daily routine. In addition, expand your understanding of the philosophical ideas behind yoga, including the Yoga Sutras, and how they apply to daily life.   

All levels of practice are welcome.  The minimum commitment is 15 minutes a day and the entire challenge is done on your own at home. 

Daily email support will be focused around the following four themes:

  • Living Your Yoga
  • Study & Inspiration
  • Steadiness & Support
  • Joy of Practice

Through the support of this challenge you will be given relevant and applicable tools to live your yoga. Yoga truly begins when we step off of our mats and into the world. 

What’s Included:

  • The guidance and knowledge from 2 yoga instructors with over 35 years of combined experience!
  • Online videos: two 30 minute, two 15 minute, yoga for sleep and relaxation and a pranayama/meditation video
  • Written sequences of the videos for reference
  • Inspiration, encouragement and support through daily emails
  • Upon completion, be entered to win our favorite yoga mat!

Sign up:
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“I am so happy about participating in this 30-day yoga challenge! The main impacts that I have noticed are: Physically, I feel great – stronger and less pain & Emotionally, I am not trying to have everything be perfect (which it never is) at my house/ in my life before I do yoga!

Before this challenge, I would start doing yoga and then, with my first down dog, I would see that I absolutely HAD to vacuum. And then I’d put a load of laundry in between sun salutations. And etc. I realize that my life isn’t perfect (or how I expect it to be) when I go to class, but going to class has always meant LETTING GO of the mess (that is life) for just a while and then returning to it afterwards.

So now, with the challenge, I am able/ encouraged to see that life and my house don’t have to be ‘perfect’ for me to do some yoga and – ironically – be in a better space to deal with them once I finish.” –C

“I am so grateful for your inspiring words. I look forward to your emails every day! Through the work I am doing in the 30 day challenge, I have gained new insight in to myself and how I perceive the world. I am fostering the seeds of love for myself and continually using the mantras “ I am whole, I am everything I need” and “I did the best I could”. Thank you again for your words and for giving me this opportunity to participate in this life changing experience.” — M

“Thanks to you for taking us all down this road. I can feel the mat calling to me now when its time, and I look forward to the peace and alone-time that the practice offers. The practice has improved my daily outlook in general and has helped me to loosen some of these stiff muscles that have been so tight for years. Though I have a long way to go, I am very pleased that I have incorporated more yoga into my daily life and I appreciate all of the mind and body rewards that it offers.

More than anything, the practice taught me the value of breath. Everything is so much easier if you are breathing, and it also makes it easier to let go. I also am finding that I am sleeping better, especially when I do a few gentle poses and legs up the wall just before bed. What a treat. Thanks for all the great stick-figure poses.” –D

“Just 15 minutes or more each day is incredible for my well being and my clarity in these days of change.” — V

“I have so enjoyed the daily emails, full of encouragement, realistic input and tons of inspiration!! I have been practicing yoga a long time and have never gotten a home practice going. Now my practice is a priority to fit in and I have found if the morning doesn’t go as planned I look forward to an evening practice for restful sleep! Thank you Emily for bringing my yoga home for me.” — V

“I have so enjoyed these past 30 days doing the yoga challenge. I feel even more a part of our yogi community than ever, even though I haven’t physically reached out to anyone during this journey. Rather I had a sense of knowing I wasn’t alone…like we all shared this together yet apart… There are many blessings this experience has given me; one example is that I feel like I have more to offer the yogis that come to my classes. And I strongly feel these practices are helping me know more about myself and guiding me in the direction of how I want to truly live my life. My intention is to continue approaching each day as it comes and with each day will be yoga on and off the mat.” — C

“Thanks for offering this wonderful way to deepen my practice, to explore routine and choice and to encourage acceptance throughout the process. May that follow all of us as we now step into new and different “challenges”. You write beautifully, your words a gift to my heart and are you – again and again!” — V

“What an amazing journey! I hear my mat calling me everyday about 4 so I know that it is working. I enjoy the time stepping away from the turmoil of life and focusing inward. This could be life changing.” — D

“Thanks Emily for the month of yoga! I found it so helpful to take time every day to get on the mat and connect with myself. I really resonated with the email when you said that the home practice is totally different than practicing in the studio. It let me embrace what my home practice was, with life going on around me. Your daily emails were enjoyable and inspirational. They covered a wide variety of topics and exposed me to some new concepts.” –S

Cancellation Policy for 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Your spot is not guaranteed unless you prepay for it.

Cancellations 7 or more days prior to start of the program will receive a full refund, minus a $10 service fee.

For cancellations less than 7 days before the program, we will only be able to issue a refund if you are able to find a replacement for your reserved space.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the start of the program or if you leave the program early for any reason, no credit or refund is available.

Thank you for understanding.

*** Participants agree to receive emails regarding this program from both Emily and Alice and to be subscribed to both email and social marketing lists.