Time to Refine

A Weekend of Yoga with Alice Kennedy

July 7-9, 2017

Friday 5-7pm ~ Rest and Renew
This restorative workshop will help soothe your nervous system and unwind completely in a safe and nurturing environment.  By putting your body in gentle supported stretches for a prolonged time, together we will quietly help you feel more connected to the beauty of the nature around us and very calm internally.  This is also a wonderful time to mindfully release any internal clutter you may have collected, so that your focus moving forward for the weekend is calm, clear, and unobstructed.  All levels & therapeutic needs welcome.

Saturday 9-11:30am ~ Rise and Shine
A standing pose and back bending workshop designed to build confidence, stability, and safety so that you can shine! Standing poses help cultivate confidence in the practice, while some people can shy away from bending backward. Back bending doesn’t need to be scary or painful….with awareness and alignment it can be fun, uplifting and transformative.  In this workshop we will learn refined alignment principles to help open you without breaking you, so that your spine will feel pain free. All levels welcome.

Saturday 2-4:30pm ~ Turning Inward
Hip Openers and Forward folds to help you turn inward safely and enjoy the refinement of deep opening in the lower back and hips.   We will also work with some pranayama or breathing practices to help refine the breathe, steady the mind, and still distractions that can come up in life and practice. All levels welcome.

Sunday 9-11:30am ~ Whole Spectrum
What we refine in yoga is the relationship to oneself, and to the communities around us.  This whole spectrum class will help with that journey of refinement and inquiry.  Expect a fun filled class with a variety of poses and some time for self-reflection.  Please bring a journal/paper and pen.  All levels welcome.

Bonus! Hike with us: Sunday 1-3pm

Space is limited ~ Please register in advance.
All 4 sessions: before 6/24 $120 or $140 after
Each session: $35 early/ $40 regular
Traveler Plan: $30 admin fee (Alice’s students)
Group dinner Saturday location TBA: $30
Info@TrailsWithin.com (530) 836-1500