Alice helped me through one of the toughest times in my life! When I herniated my L4,L5,S1 and had to get epidural injections, yoga was the only thing that provided me with some relief. Alice is very knowledgeable in Yoga as an exercise, or for rehab, or for just awesome meditation!! You’ll be very happy you have chosen to take your yoga journey with her.

Katie A.

I do not usually do public yoga classes as I have a back injury which I generally find aggravated when I follow a practice in that kind of space, so I do my own practice at home but today I decided to do an online class with Alice Kennedy and it was marvelous. I know Alice as one of my teachers from my own teacher training and as a client to me. I chose her class as she has a warm and fun disposition and can be very funny sometimes, always good in my book, she is extremely knowledgeable, been a teacher for a loooong time, and is down to earth, honest and has the cutest smile. She cheered me up, and I loved the class and my back does not hurt at all. I was also not pushed by the energy of the room as I can be in public spaces, so I took good care of myself whilst following direction. I think I may do this a lot more. Thanks dear Alice. You should check her out.

Nicola T.

Splendid autumn day in beautiful Pescadero! Dee was a gracious hostess who has created a wonderfully arty, colorful space. The yoga sessions were awesome because, well, ALICE!! who never fails to inspire and teach me something new. The yoga was interspersed with a walk and a tasty lunch which had been tweaked to meet my dietary restrictions. THANK YOU! Also met some charming new yoga mates and enjoyed browsing the Goat Shop. Great experience and I would recommend Harley Farms and Alice Kennedy to one and all!

Alice R.

This was a trip of a lifetime. It surpassed all my expectations. Every detail was thoughtfully orchestrated, The food was delicious and healthy. The location was magnificent. The daily activities were very well organized. I felt truly cared for. Most of all, the experience was enriching and soul soothing. I would join another retreat by Alice in a heartbeat.
Art & Yoga Retreat, Spain

Cori C.

Once in a lifetime experience! Thank you for hosting a well balanced trip with culturally relevant activities. I really appreciate all the intention that went into to planning our retreat.
Art & Yoga Retreat, Spain

Katie S.

Amazing! Far and beyond what I had expected (and, I had high expectations!)

Art & Yoga Retreat, Spain

Emily H.

Going with Alice Kennedy to Spain was amazing. The way she put together the Yoga and Art retreat was artful and delicious. Besides being a complete yoga guru, Alice also likes to eat! Her yoga is instructive, loving and curious and the food she arranges is off the hook. If you ever have a chance to work with Alice, always say YES, go where she goes, and you will be quite happy with that decision.

Beth S.

My favorite yoga teacher!! She teaches Anusara with passion, cheer, and infectious energy. Her teaching style ranges from heartfelt to playful. She challenges her students while keeping the class accessible and welcoming to all ability levels. She always begins class with a lesson or something to meditate on during our practice. She uses metaphor very well. I love going to Alice’s classes. She focuses on alignment, heart opening and living in our bodies.

Lauren E.

Alice is an amazing instructor, she is a gem that is hard to find nowadays. I have been to different yoga classes, many physical therapy sessions and aerobic classes, but they all didn’t seem to help much on my painful back and shoulders. I am very pleased that I have private sessions with Alice. She is a good observer, and works by intuition. She is able to make me physically stronger and go to work with less pain and injury. Bonus, she is very fun and yet philosophical. I have a great time in her private sessions. Thanks Alice :)))

J. Yeung