Yoga & Art Retreat – Spain 2018


Yoga and Art Retreat

Camino de Santiago, Spain
May 19 – 25, 2018

This is a unique trip to the Leon Province of Spain, on the Camino de Santiago.  We will spend a week immersed in yoga, community, and the art and culture of the region.  We will also be able to get a feel for the famous pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago.  They say that whatever you need to learn, the Camino will provide it! 

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome

Settle In & Orientation

Welcome Ceremony & Yoga

Sign up for massages if you want to book one (not included)

Welcome Dinner

Day 2: Rose Windows and Mandalas

7:30 am Coffee & Tea

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9:30 am Breakfast

11 am – 12:30 pm Talk on Camino + Rose Windows

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 – 3pm Free time

3 – 4:30 pm Tea staining or Intro to Petroglyphs

5 – 6:30 pm Evening Yoga

7:00 pm Dinner

8:00 pm Tea staining and or Intro to Petroglyphs

Evening at the “Trechuro” for those who have the energy (very special artistic bar in the village usually with live music on Saturday nights)… doesn’t get going until 11pm though!

Day 3: Silence and Letting Go

6:30 am Coffee & Tea

7:00 am Departure to Peñafadiel

7:15 am Sunrise, Meditation, Picnic Breakfast

7:30 – 9 am Explore the Petroglyphs

9 am – 11 am Drive to Valley of Silence – option to walk last leg down into valley

11 am – 1 pm Church Visit, Documentary on theme of Silence (next door), Explore the Historic Village

1 pm Lunch at Restaurant in Valley of Silence (included)

2 pm – 5 pm Return Home with a few picturesque stops

6 pm Evening Yoga

7 pm Dinner

Day 4: Sacred Geometry

7:30 am Coffee & Tea

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9:30 am Breakfast

11:00 am – 12:30 pm Intro to Sacred Geometry

12:30 pm Lunch

2:30 – 4 pm Navarette Rose Window Drawings

4:30 – 5:30 pm Evening Yoga

6:00 pm Evening in Astorga: Museo de los Caminos until 8pm. Free evening, dinner (not included) at a restaurant near the Gaudi palace, cathedral, and old roman walls.

Day 5: Pilgrimage

7:30 am Coffee & Tea

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9:30 am Breakfast

10:30 am – 1pm Walk to San Esteban

1:00 pm Picnic brought by car

2 – 4:30 pm Walk back to Flores

5 – 6:30 pm Restorative Yoga

7:00 pm Dinner

Day 6: History and Reverence

7:30 am Coffee & Tea

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9:30 am Breakfast

10:00 am Departure to Leon

10:30 am – 12:30 pm Cathedral Visit

12:30 – 3 pm Lunch at restaurant (included)

3:00 pm Return home to Flores del Camino – or option to stay in Leon longer for a meander around the Historic Centre of Leon

3:30 – 5 pm Free time

5 – 6:30 pm Evening Yoga

7 pm Dinner

Day 7: Goodbyes and Farewells

7:30 am Coffee & Tea

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9 am Breakfast

10 am Closing Ceremony

12 pm Departure & Goodbyes!


Graeagle Weekend July 2017


Time to Refine

A Weekend of Yoga with Alice Kennedy

July 7-9, 2017

Friday 5-7pm ~ Rest and Renew
This restorative workshop will help soothe your nervous system and unwind completely in a safe and nurturing environment.  By putting your body in gentle supported stretches for a prolonged time, together we will quietly help you feel more connected to the beauty of the nature around us and very calm internally.  This is also a wonderful time to mindfully release any internal clutter you may have collected, so that your focus moving forward for the weekend is calm, clear, and unobstructed.  All levels & therapeutic needs welcome.

Saturday 9-11:30am ~ Rise and Shine
A standing pose and back bending workshop designed to build confidence, stability, and safety so that you can shine! Standing poses help cultivate confidence in the practice, while some people can shy away from bending backward. Back bending doesn’t need to be scary or painful….with awareness and alignment it can be fun, uplifting and transformative.  In this workshop we will learn refined alignment principles to help open you without breaking you, so that your spine will feel pain free. All levels welcome.

Saturday 2-4:30pm ~ Turning Inward
Hip Openers and Forward folds to help you turn inward safely and enjoy the refinement of deep opening in the lower back and hips.   We will also work with some pranayama or breathing practices to help refine the breathe, steady the mind, and still distractions that can come up in life and practice. All levels welcome.

Sunday 9-11:30am ~ Whole Spectrum
What we refine in yoga is the relationship to oneself, and to the communities around us.  This whole spectrum class will help with that journey of refinement and inquiry.  Expect a fun filled class with a variety of poses and some time for self-reflection.  Please bring a journal/paper and pen.  All levels welcome.

Bonus! Hike with us: Sunday 1-3pm

Space is limited ~ Please register in advance.
All 4 sessions: before 6/24 $120 or $140 after
Each session: $35 early/ $40 regular
Traveler Plan: $30 admin fee (Alice’s students)
Group dinner Saturday location TBA: $30 (530) 836-1500

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga



Summer 2018 SUP season dates:

August 5 & September 9

SUP Yoga is a perfect way to get outdoors with your yoga practice. Nature replaces our studio, and the board becomes your yoga mat as all the wildlife of the Monterey Bay flows around you.

Launching from Capitola Beach


More info & registration COMING SOON to Ocean Yoga Bliss

Workshops for Spring & Summer in Los Gatos


Workshops for Spring & Summer in Los Gatos

with Alice Kennedy
Breathe Together Yoga

Happy Hips and Forward Folds

As we turn towards spring and summer, it’s a great time to focus on deep hip work and forward folds. Take the time to turn inward as the weather begins to heat up and learn how to work safely in these transformative and introspective poses. We will work to open the hips and hamstrings in a range of ways, paying attention to safety and depth so that you leave feeling happy and grounded.

All levels.

Sunday May 7th

$75 (Regular)
$60 (Members / Early Bird until April 19)

For more info & to register:


Restorative Yoga for The Summer Unwind

Begin to cool down and let yourself be nurtured as the weather and
activity around us heats up. In this extended restorative workshop,
you will be guided into positions that help cool down the body and
emotions. Your mind and body will feel relaxed and rested to the core,
and your heart free.

This is a wonderful practice to relieve stress and to restore the
nervous systems natural balance.

All levels welcome!

Sunday, June 11

$75 (Regular)
$60 (Members / Early-bird until May 24)

For more info & to register:

Restorative Yoga for the New Year


Restorative Yoga to Rest, Renew, and Regenerate for the New Year

with Alice Kennedy

Breathe Together Yoga

Sunday, January 22, 2017

1:30 pm4:30 pm

If the pace of your life has been on overdrive, take this opportunity to soothe your nervous system and unwind completely in a safe and nurturing environment. By putting your body in gentle supported stretches for a prolonged time, together we will gently and quietly help you feel more connected and very calm.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to mindfully release any internal clutter you may have collected in the past year, so that your focus moving forward is calm, clear, and unobstructed. Expect a portion of the workshop to be dedicated to clearing out old habits and obstructions, and gently getting clear on intentions for the New Year.

Register at Breathe Los Gatos


  • $75 (Regular)
  • $60 (Members/Early Bird until January 3rd)

Breathe Together Yoga
14107 Winchester Blvd.
Los Gatos CA

Yoga Fundamentals


Yoga Fundamentals

with Alice Kennedy

January 7, 2017January 28, 2017
Breathe Together Yoga

The New Year is the perfect time to take care of yourself, learn something new, or get clear on what direction you want to go in for the coming year! This will be a four week series designed for beginners as well as students interested in refining their understanding of yoga and yoga poses. All segments will include yoga philosophy, yogic breathing practices, and movement (asana). Whether you would like to deepen your knowledge or start something new, this will be a safe, fun environment to learn and explore.

Each class will build on the last, so it would be most beneficial to attend the series, but not required. All levels of practice from beginner to more experienced are welcomed.

Segment One

Saturday, Jan. 7th 2-5PM
Strong Foundation to Standing Poses that Soar

Segment Two

Saturday, Jan. 14th 2-5PM
Core that Roars to Hip Openers & Twists

Segment Three

Saturday, Jan. 21st 2-5PM
Bend your Back Safely and Fold Forward with Ease

Segment Four

Saturday Jan. 28th 2-5PM
A Full Spectrum Practice & Arm Balances for Every Body

Register at Breathe Together Yoga


  • $75 (Regular)
  • $60 (Members / Early Bird until December 20th)
  • $230 (Whole Series)

Breathe Together Yoga
14107 Winchester Blvd.
Los Gatos CA


Functional Yoga Weekend


Functional Yoga Weekend  December 3-4, 2016 

with Alice Kennedy & Kenny Graham

Graeagle, CA


Mild to Wild
Saturday, December 3rd, 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Are you a wild child, or are you a bit more mild? This well rounded, extended yoga class is meant to support all levels of practice in a safe, fun environment. All poses will have variations from mild to wild, and it is up to you to decide how wild you want to go! All levels supported and welcomed.

Functional Yoga
Sunday, December 4th
(see times below)

Join us for a day long adventure into the therapeutic aspects of yoga. We will be instructing the most practical tools to help relieve pain that we use most frequently as experienced yoga teachers. The day will be designed to be a hands on experience where you can feel good in your body and help others feel great too. The techniques you will learn will support your own knowledge and understanding as a student, as well as help teachers

incorporate a therapeutic aspect to their teaching or working with clients. All levels welcome.

Lower Body Applications, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Common issues and misalignments with the lower body and functional movement tools to help the ankles, knees and hips.

Upper Body Applications, 1:30-4:30pm
Common issues and misalignments with the upper body and functional movement tools to help the low back, wrists, shoulders, and neck.

Space is limited ~ Please register in advance
$120 for all three sessions before 11/19,
$140 after 11/19
$45 individual session before 11/19, $50 after

Trails Within website

Please register by contacting Emily at (530) 836-1500 or email

Alice Kennedy’s levity and love bring a unique blend of hard work and play to the classroom.  As a teacher and student, she is committed to alignment ideas that support intuition, safety, depth, and healing.  This includes a deep acceptance of oneself and the broad range of human experience. She teaches teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, and public as well as private lessons.

Kenny Graham has been teaching yoga since 2003 and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). He teaches teacher trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Kenny has a strong understanding of aligned movement, biomechanics and therapeutic applications. He works with people from all walks of life with varying conditions and therapeutic concern. Kenny  has helped to guide many people towards optimal health and greater freedom in their bodies.

Functiona Yoga Weekend Dec 2016