Yoga for the New Year

with Alice Kennedy

January 22-23, 2016

Graeagle, CA


Blazing Bright
Friday, Jan 22: 5-7pm

The magic of alchemy is generally known as “the power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.”  Frequently alchemy uses heat or fire to complete the transformation. This practice will be designed to warm our hearts, minds and bodies in order to let go of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Setting Sankalpa
Saturday, Jan 23: 2-5pm

What is it that you want most?  How do you get it and why don’t you have it yet?  Hip openers, twists and forward folds that will set fire to your intentions and help you see into the deepest part of your greatest wish.  Please bring a pen and a journal or some paper.

All levels are welcome for both sessions.

$35 each session before 1/12 or $40 after
Space is limited, sign up in advance.

Call (530) 836-1500 or email Emily

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