Walking on Sunshine

Two Days of Yoga, Dharma and Song

with Alice Kennedy and Mercedes Bahleda

This weekend of workshops with Alice and Mercedes will explore the joy of music, yoga, and Dharma as a means to happiness and freedom. Two of the most basic and profound reasons to have a sadhana or practice, is so that we may be happy (ananda) and free (svatantrya), and be able to help others achieve the same. We will be looking at Tibetan Lojong scriptures on developing a good heart and how to care for others more deeply. The weekend will be unique in that you will have the incredible opportunity to expand your heart through music, wisdom teachings, and yoga…..all of which can open you up to the possibility of greater love and happiness in your life. By the end of the weekend, you will be walking on sunshine!

WalkingOnSunshine-webSaturday February 20 2-5 pm
Dynamic Yoga, Singing and advice on Developing a Good Heart

Sunday February 21 1-4 pm
Restorative Yoga, Singing and more on Developing a Good Heart

$75 (regular)
$60 (early-bird through January 30th/members)
$110 (full weekend)

To Register: breathelosgatos.com

Breathe Los Gatos
14107-H Winchester Blvd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032


Alice Kennedy’s levity and love bring a unique blend of hard work and play to the classroom.  As a teacher and student, she is committed to alignment ideas that support intuition, safety, depth, and healing.  This includes a deep acceptance of oneself and the broad range of human experience. She teaches teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, and public as well as private lessons.

Mercedes Bahleda is a teacher and scholar of ancient Buddhist and Yogic texts, as well as a internationally known recording artist. Praised for her uncanny ability to shift people’s inner experiences with her voice, she is dedicated to helping people use their own voice, body and mind as a path to realization and happiness. Mercedes regularly tours internationally teaching and performing songs from her kirtan albums “Mercy Songs,” and “Path to Bliss.”