Get Steady, Be Happy, Fly Free posterWhen:
August 16-18, 2013

Trails Within, Graeagle, CA

Friday, August 16th * 5:30-7:30pm * $30
Steadiness & Fire  (Hip Openers & Standing Poses)
Find the fire in your hips and steadiness in your feet as we open up and root down into where we are.  Expect a fun, mixed levels class to help you feel settled.

Saturday, August 17th * 9:00-11:30am * $35
Opening Joy (Backbends)
Widen your expanse of great happiness by opening the upper back and shoulders.  This will be an intermediate practice that will help blossom the potential at your heart.

Saturday, August 17th * 3:00-5:30pm * $35
Compassion (Twists and Forward Folds)
Revolving and evolving around the dance of compassion for yourself and others, we will explore the sweetness of twists and forward folds in an intermediate practice.

Sunday, August 18th * 9:00-11:30am * $35
Freedom to Fly (Arm Balances)
These challenging postures can build love of flying and freedom.  Expect an intermediate class that will help you get off the ground and be free!

BONUS! Afternoon Hike and Contemplation
Sunday * 1-3:00pm * $15
Enjoy a group hike in the Lakes Basin where you will be led in a guided contemplation by Alice. Space is limited!

Sign up for all four sessions for $110 before August 1st
($25 savings!)

To register:

email or call (530) 836-1500. Space is limited.

Trails Within is located in the charming town of Graeagle, CA. Graeagle is a gateway to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains and a unique opportunity to step back into a simpler time and lifestyle. Experience endless hiking and biking trails, crystal clear alpine lakes and rivers, beautiful flora and abundant wildlife. A perfect retreat destination, where days and nights pass by with ease and peacefulness.

More info @ Trails Within’s website.